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About DonateToDogs.org

The Donate to Dogs website is a non profit project, created and maintained by Zoltan Wagner (me).

When I first learned about puppy mills I couldn't believe all the horrible things I heard and read. I spent many hours on the Internet finding out more and more about these cruel dog factories.

During my research I came across a news article on the Toronto Humane Society's website that told the story of a young girl who asked her parents and friends to donate to animal shelters instead of buying her gifts. So I thought: If a little girl can give up christmas gifts to help animals others can surely make a difference too.

My full time job involves creating and maintaining websites so it made perfect sense to combine my web skills with my passion for animals to create a web site that provides information about how to help pets in need.

The site at first only contained a list of charitable organizations and was hosted on a domain called donatefordogs.com. Later I added a message board, did some more research and created the site as you currently see it.

When the site was re-launched I sent out a press release and many emails to friends and family and asked everyone I know to help me with my project by donating to the US Humane Society for Christmas. So my friends donated on behalf of me to help animals and I donated on behalf of them. The best Christmas I've ever had!

Thank you all for caring about animals.

Zoltan Wagner

DonateToDogs.org is a non-profit project aiming to educate people about the cruel conditions at commercial dog breeding facilities, also known
as puppy mills, and to outlaw them in order to end the pointless suffering of dogs. Please help to raise awarness about the cruelty to dogs by
telling your friends about puppy mills and the fact that dogs from these cruel places are shipped to pet stores or sold online. You can also
find tips to help dogs and links to websites dedicated to save animals. Do not buy dogs from pet stores. Thank you for caring.

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