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Websites related to helping dogs

Here are a few links to websites providing information about various issues causing dogs to suffer unnecessarily and offering solutions and tips to help them. If you have a similar website please contact me to get listed on this page. If you accept donations then your site will be added to the list of charitable organizations.

By linking to this website you can help more people find it thus, raising awareness about cruelty to animals and helping them live better lives through donations and education.

List of websites dedicated to helping dogs

You may also be interested to see a list of dog rescue organizaions accepting donations.

Dogs for Kids Resource Guide
Wealth of resources to help foster relationships between dogs and kids - from finding a new dog and planning for its expenses to keeping it healthy and active.

Animals Shelter Me
Kathy Meisner's project to raise awareness and end suffering to animals - this is very much like what I'm trying to do. Go Kathy go!

Pet Store Abuse
Speaking up agains how pet stores abuse animals.

No Puppy Mills
Educational forum about puppy mills aiming to open the eyes of people about the 'dog factories' and providing tips to help the dogs.

Barrhead Animal Rescue Society
We are a non-profit and 100% volunteer run no kill shelter in rural Alberta.

Love Over Greed
Christine Lange's website that she created to fight against puppy mills to educate people about commercial breeding.

No Puppy Mills Canada
Information and educational material about puppy mills, related laws, spaying and neutering.

Prisoners of Greed
Fighting to end puppy mills. Help them free the prisoners whose only sin is that they are dogs.

Unchain your dog
Advocating on behalf of chained dogs.

Dog Nose
Dogsnose is the worldwide dog rescue resource where people can show they really want to help their local dog rescues

Pet Finder
Helping animals that need homes find caring owners.

Keep Your Pet
Find out what you can do to keep your pet instead of giving it to the shelter or abandoning it.

Save Our Strays
Their mission is to promote a mutually beneficial and optimal environment for humans and companion animals in our society.

Dog Owners Guide
Information about living with and loving dogs.

One at a Time
A book about a week in an American animal shelter. Dedicated to promoting compassion and respect for all living beings and the planet we share.

Dogs in Danger
Finding loving homes to homeless dogs and raising awareness about the number of dogs killed in shelters.

The Voice for Dogs
News on puppy mills, dog abuse and puppy rescue.

Canadian Animal Assistance Team
A group that helps communities in remote areas with animals that are in need of basic veterinary care.

Pet Dental Care
Find out why dental health is so important for pets.

SHARK Online
Fighting against the brutal and pointless slaying of animals at rodeos and bull fights.

National Council for Aging Care's guide on Pets for Seniors
Pets and Seniors.

The Riverbend Humane Society
Operates The Riverbend Animal Shelter, just south of Jerseyville, where a no-kill policy gives homeless animals a chance to live out their lives and find loving homes.

Directory of Animal Rescues & shelters
Animal shelters and rescues across North America listed in the Dmoz.org directory.

Helping shelter dogs in the cold
Turning old sweaters into dog blankets and sweaters to help warm up dogs living in extreme cold outside of over-crowded shelters.


DonateToDogs.org is a non-profit project aiming to educate people about the cruel conditions at commercial dog breeding facilities, also known
as puppy mills, and to outlaw them in order to end the pointless suffering of dogs. Please help to raise awarness about the cruelty to dogs by
telling your friends about puppy mills and the fact that dogs from these cruel places are shipped to pet stores or sold online. You can also
find tips to help dogs and links to websites dedicated to save animals. Do not buy dogs from pet stores. Thank you for caring.

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